Berry baskets – without berry basket BigZ L die

By Bussakorn Mpelasoka

I love so many items in the new Stampin’ Up! occasional catalogue. My wish list is very… very… long, so I decided to go through the list and cross out a few items that I can do without. I like the idea of using berry baskets for storage and gift packaging, but thought I can probably make them without the die, so I tried. It was fun and actually easier to make than I thought. I made five of them.

Berry baskets 11

I only have very thick cardstock in plain white, so I decorated the paper first.

Berry baskets 1

Berry baskets 3

Berry baskets 5

After making three baskets with plain white paper, I tried using the coloured cardstock from Stampin’ Up!, which is a bit thinner. The shape of these baskets is a bit less straight, not sure if it was because I embossed them. Anyway I don’t mind the shape/look of these two baskets, and they are still strong enough to hold/carry things.

Berry baskets 7

Berry baskets 9

The finished size of my berry baskets is 4” wide at the top and 2 ¾” in height. I like that they can be stacked on top of each other when not in use. If you can afford to buy the die, you will be able to make them faster and get more consistent results.

Berry baskets 12

Thank you so much for stopping by & happy crafting!

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2 thoughts on “Berry baskets – without berry basket BigZ L die

  1. I would be interested in the step-by step process of making these baskets without the die, as I also cannot afford tompurchasevthe pricey die. Could you take a few pictures of the process and include measurements throughout to show us what you did, please? Thanks so much.

    • Hello Julia, I have just posted a diagram showing measurements of the berry basket I made without a die and included a step-by-step tutorial as well. I hope it is clear enough to follow. Sorry I took a while to respond. Thank you. Bussy

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