Project Life – 2014 Holiday

By Bussakorn Mpelasoka

I have been organising the photos from our last year holiday little by little, got Thailand (first stop) and Dubai (last stop) done, but not yet Europe and Africa. I thought I could share them with you.

Page 1 – I started with recording the holiday period, listing the countries visited and the airlines used and added a couple of photos at the start of our journey (waiting for flight at Qantas Club).

PL_Thailand page 1

PL_Thailand zoom 1

PL_Thailand zoom 2

Pages 2 – I love the photo of Amy & her grandpa on this page.

PL_Thailand page 2

PL_Thailand zoom 3

Page 3 – this page is about my dad’s birthday, he turned 90 years old.

PL_Thailand page 3

PL_Thailand zoom 4

Page 4 – my grandson (yes, I’m a grandma already, time flies!) is bigger than my Amy! He is a good boy and quite intelligent too.

PL_Thailand page 4

PL_Thailand zoom 5

I think Project Life is quite fun and flexible. We can choose to do more by making our own journaling cards, or do less by using manufactured journaling cards, or in between!

Thank you so much for stopping by & happy crafting!

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3 thoughts on “Project Life – 2014 Holiday

  1. Hi Bussy. Your holiday album is really beautiful. You have come so far with your scrapbook. I love the really delicate details. Your personality is now on the page. L. xx

    • Thank you so much Lynn for the encouraging words. I am still not brave enough to try the 12″ x 12″ page scrapbook yet. I am taking a baby step by trying Project Life first. Hugs. Bussy

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