Project Life – 2014 Holiday

By Bussakorn Mpelasoka

Here are a few more pages of our photos while in Thailand late last year.

We decided to go to Hua Hin, one of the beach places south west of Bangkok, with our dad after his birthday. Hua Hin was a place my parents took us often during school holiday when we were young. I have so many joyful memories about this place. We usually went out during the day to visit places, swam in late afternoon-evening, played games at night either at the beach with camp fire or played cards indoor. Good food usually played an important part of the holiday joy.

PL_Thailand page 5

PL_Thailand page 6

PL_Thailand page 7

I also had an opportunity to meet a few of my year 11 classmates. I was so…so happy to meet them. Actually one of my friends found me through my blog. We (the whole class) have been keeping in touch since, through LINE.

PL_Thailand page 8

and then the sad time….time to say ‘bye’!

PL_Thailand page 9

Thank you so much for stopping by & happy crafting!

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